Welcome, Friends!

wheres fluffy

If you’re reading this, then you have proven proficient in the art of following clues (and/or clicking a hyperlink!)   And that makes you all-right in my book!

I have no earthly idea where I’m going with this “blog”, but you’re welcome to come along for the ride.  I trust (hope?) that at some point, my questionable thought process will entertain you, make you laugh, cry, think, and at some point- infuriate you.  I will use this medium to delve into the topics most important to me, namely:  comedy, music, sports, stupid people, growing up in the psychotic environment of the Rappaport house, meaningless jobs that I hate, exposing corrupt government, police, and corporate activities; spirituality and shaking my head at the “religious”, food, and whatever else I may feel passionate about at the moment.   Facebook will still be Facebook, but the GOOD stuff will be here.

I just turned 35, and have no idea what I’m doing with my life.  According to some, that makes me supremely qualified to start a blog, so here we go.

(Refreshments will be served in the fellowship hall)

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3 Responses to Welcome, Friends!

  1. Mike Yusko says:

    Wouldn’t miss it. I read your stuff and I usually find myself screaming “YES!” or nodding along in agreement. As cathartic as it is for you to write, it is for me to read. Next step: book.

  2. Denise says:

    Love the refreshments!

  3. pat says:

    It’s been over a month since your last post..in case you were unaware

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